How to Plan for Your Home Renovation Project


Consult Your General Contractor

Your general contractor will be in charge of all the work being done. Before they begin work, most general contractors plan what their work will look like about about how long it will take to complete the project. They may plan to use power tools or install cabinets on certain days.

Speak with your general contractor before they begin work to get a timeline. This will help you plan for especially noisy days or days where construction workers will have to be at your home particularly early or late. Knowing this ahead of time will help you plan your days around the work.

If you do have certain requirements - daily start and end day times for example - you need to tell your general contractor ahead of time. It may affect how quickly or slowly your project goes. Keep the lines of communication open so you and your general contractor can work together harmoniously.

Clear Your Schedule

Home renovation projects take time and they shouldn’t be rushed. Before you begin construction, clear your schedule or any major events.

If you’re planning on hosting a birthday party, for example, plan your renovations for after the party. In the event that the construction goes a little long, you don’t want to rush the job just to be finished for the party. Your contractor wants to do a good job, so give them the time they need to give you the space you deserve.

Create Work-Arounds

A kitchen or bathroom renovation can interfere with everyone’s schedules. Before the work begins, you should map out schedules for bathroom and kitchen times.

If your bathroom is under construction, plan out schedules for use in the morning and evening for the remaining bathrooms. If your kids need to be on a bus by 7 a.m., give them designated times so they don’t clash in the mornings.

For kitchen construction, plan out meals ahead of time and stock up on frozen or easily prepared meals. If your kids don’t like buying their lunches at school, pick up pre-made lunches at the grocery store. In the evenings, prepare frozen pizzas and other meals that don’t use too many dishes. Stock your refrigerator with yogurts, pudding cups and other snack that can easily be pulled off the shelf.

Have a Backup Plan

You’ve done everything right, but due to some unforeseen complications, your home renovation will take longer than you expected. Maybe your family was prepared to live with construction for two weeks, but three or four weeks just isn’t doable.

That’s okay. Construction projects often go a little over their estimated time. Your general contractor wants to make sure he or she does the job right and gives you the space you’ve always wanted. The last thing you want to do is rush a major project. In these situations, the best thing to do is make sure you have a backup plan in case your home renovation project goes longer than expected.

The easiest plan is to ask your family, friends and neighbors for help. If they have extra room, they might be able to let your family stay in their homes for a few days. If you think you can handle the construction, consider staying at your home while your kids stay with friends or relatives. Your kids will enjoy the small vacation, and you’ll have less to worry about at home.

Another option is to book a suite in an extended stay hotel. These rooms come with a small kitchen, living area and at least two bathrooms, and there’s usually enough space for a family or four or even five.


As stressful as it may seem, living in construction is less invasive if you plan ahead. What will you do to make sure your home renovation goes smoothly?

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