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Why You Should Consider Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen Renovation


Durability and Cleanliness

Have you ever chopped something on your regular countertop and found marks in it once you finished? Cheaper countertops can be easily damaged, scratched and cracked, but granite countertops endure no matter what you’re cooking.

Before installation, granite countertops are sealed with a protective coating. This prevents scratches and makes the countertop last that much longer. They can also withstand high and low temperatures, so if your child accidentally puts a hot pan directly on the counter, it won’t leave any marks or crack the counter.

Unlike other countertops, granite countertops do not have pores in the surface. These tiny pores are often havens for bacteria, and they require a little more cleaning than usual. Since granite countertops don’t have these pores, getting rid of bacteria is a snap.

Using either warm water or your preferred anti-bacterial spray, you can wipe away germs easily. You also won’t need to worry about lingering bacterial since there will be no place for them to hide. In the off chance your granite countertop does break, it’s repairable, which is always a source of comfort for anyone taking on a home improvement project.

Wow Factor

There’s no doubt that granite countertops deliver the wow factor for any kitchen. They give kitchens an updated, modern look, and yet they go so well with nearly any motif. They exude luxury and refinement, and they bring out the beauty in any kitchen.

Granite countertops are cut from beautiful stones, and they often retain the shine and unique color of that stone. No two stone slabs are the same so you’ll be sure to find cool patterns and color combinations to give your kitchen that added brush of beauty.

If you’re kitchen renovation includes adding stainless steel appliances and upgrading your cabinets, then granite countertops will complete the high-end look. They’re a luxury piece and usually the centerpiece of the kitchen itself.

Home Resell Value

After you’ve enjoyed your granite countertops and are ready to sell your home, your countertops will be an excellent selling point. Any homeowner who loves to cook will see the value in your countertops.

Though every home value will be different, your granite countertops may help you sell your home faster. They’re a hot commodity among buyers, and they may be more willing to make an offer sooner rather than later to ensure they get your house. When it comes to home improvement, granite countertops can completely revamp the way you use your kitchen.

Without the fear of damaging or scratching your countertops, you’ll be able to move a little more freely around your kitchen and worry less about cutting boards and hot appliances.

Will you consider granite countertops for your next kitchen renovation? Share your thoughts with us!

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