Who Are We?

Mr. Henriquez and Mr. Shukurov immigrated to the United States of America with very little resources in pursuit of the American Dream. Only by hard work and high ethical work standards were they able to achieve success in their professional, business, and personal lives. Those are the exact same principals that Mr. Henriquez and Mr. Shukurov applied into FIX Construction, Inc.

After working in the construction industry in the Baltimore, MD and Washington DC areas, Mr. Shukurov founded and funded a successful cleaning and janitorial services company - Interworld Cleaning, Inc. After years of running the business, Mr. Shukurov identified a need in the commercial and residential construction arena for an agile, technologically savvy, dependable, and customer centric construction company.

Mr. Shukurov shared his vision and ideas with Mr. Henriquez. Mr. Henriquez was able to contribute to the joint venture with his vast experience in construction, construction management, architectural knowledge, and years of business management acumen.

The two are confident in the success of this venture and aim to give back to the community by providing employment opportunities to and supporting the development of construction workers with the same work ethics and standards that they themselves hold.

jon shukurov Asrorjon Shukurov
Mr. Shukurov has a diverse background in strategy, marketing, sales, and business development. He has over 10 years of experience in cleaning, construction, and customer service industries.
jose henriquez Jose Henriquez
Mr. Henriquez has 18 years of business owner experience in design, marketing, sales, and operations. He obtained his Bachelors degree from the University of Puerto Rico, School of Architecture and has vast experience in woodwork, carpentry, interior design, and construction. He has experience as a higher education teacher in the fields of interior design, architecture, and 3D computer aided design.