Cool trends for renovating your bathroom


Vertical storage

When renovating your bathroom, one of your biggest concerns is probably storage. Your hairdryers, hairsprays, makeup - it all needs a place to stay. Your bathroom may not have room for a lot of counter space, but general contractors suggest you go up.

Vertical storage is one of the latest bathroom renovation trends, and it’s a big space saver. Opt for cabinets that go from floor to ceiling and have plenty of drawer space in between. Line your bathroom mirror with long cabinets - great for cosmetics and even medications like over-the-counter painkillers and cough syrups.

White tubs and counters

You may think white is a boring color, but when it comes to renovating your bathroom, it’s one of the best colors to chose. As general contractors will tell you, it’s a simple color that opens up a world of other color opportunities. But white doesn’t have to be totally boring. Mix up the design with your bathroom renovations and choose a cool design.

Mosaic tiles in the bathroom create an intricate pattern that can brought out with colorful towels, shower curtains and bathroom mats. For a more industrial, modern look, opt for white subway tiles around the room. Expose the pipes below your sink by doing away with a cabinet counter entirely and using a solid board with round above-counter sinks. Below, the silver pipes will be exposed, and you can finish the look with either a modern faucet or a more old-fashioned look.

No-threshold showers

To create a truly fluid look in your bathroom, more general contractors are suggesting homeowners do away with closed showers. Instead, you can designate one side of the bathroom to your shower. This is a great option if your bathrooms are small or if you have an elder in your home. They’ll have an easier time taking a shower without having to step over shower partitions.

This design does require a little more work, so if you’re trying to keep your bathroom renovation, this option may be too much. To get the look, you need to make sure your bathroom has a good drainage system.

When renovating your bathroom, there are a few other things you can do to make use of all your space. Install a comfort-height toilet and place the faucet to the side of the sink. This creates a streamlined look, and your bathroom will appear slightly bigger.


So tell us, which of these trends are you dying to try?